NSBS Celebrates 30 Years

NSBS Celebrates 30 Years

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This year is a special one for NSBS as we mark 30 years since we were founded in 1992. Since then, we have supported thousands of New Zealand people, whānau and communities to build financial capability and resilience and lead happier, healthier lives.

While we want to celebrate all we have achieved in the last 30 years and how far we have come as an organisation, we are mindful of the many Kiwi families in need of our support, who are enduring financial hardship and stress, and struggling on low incomes without the material resources to meet their basic needs, while managing debt and unexpected expenses.

Our vision to support and provide financial wellbeing and resilience to all Kiwis will continue to be our focus as we deliver our financial capability strategies to reach more people suffering from financial insecurity.

We proudly honour this anniversary milestone and aim to make this year our best yet. We vow to continue this vital support for the next 30 years. 


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The Building Financial Capability Plus programme, also called Total Money Management (TMM), is a holistic, intensive, guardianship support for vulnerable people and whānau who struggle to manage day-to-day money matters and need someone committed to making their financial decisions and paying their bills when they lack the capacity to do so themselves.

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      The Building Financial Capability (BFC) programme helps people and whānau to improve their financial wealth and wellbeing and get control

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      BFC Plus

      The Building Financial Capability Plus programme, also called Total Money Management (TMM), is a holistic and all-encompassing money management service

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      Grace Foundation

      Grace Foundation offers safe shelter and holistic rehabilitation services to marginalised people including the homeless, single parents, children without parents,

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      Te Puna Hauora

      Our successful strategic partnership with Te Puna Hauora has allowed NSBS to deliver one-on-one BFC financial mentoring services to clients

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      NSBS is one of the only financial mentoring organisations in the country that caters especially to seniors and retirees to

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      Library Programme

      Our partnership with Auckland Council Libraries, in collaboration with ASB Bank, will see the rollout of a pioneering programme offering

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      Māori and Pasifika

      NSBS continues to improve the outcomes of Māori and Pacific Island clients and whānau and meet their holistic financial mentoring

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      NSBS is committed to helping women attain financial independence and security for themselves and their families.Through our BFC programme and

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      NSBS is committed to fostering financial capability among school-leavers to provide money skills and knowledge for employment preparedness. NSBS financial

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