Prime Minister Chris Hipkins honours NSBS’s service during COVID-19 response

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins honours NSBS’s service during COVID-19 response


NSBS has been recognised by the Government with a special certificate and pendant for the important work and responsive measures the non-profit organisation provided to individuals and whānau during the COVID-19 pandemic.


As a dedicated agency working during the height of the Coronavirus epidemic to offer financial mentoring services, money management support and emergency relief funding, NSBS is honoured to receive the recognition as part of the Government’s Care in the Community Welfare Response.


The Care in the Community Welfare Response action was part of the Government’s three-phase plan to mitigate the impacts of Omicron in our communities and support the expected increase in the number of people who were required to self-isolate at home.


NSBS is recognised as a valued provider and received funding as one of 150 agencies throughout New Zealand that delivered a wide variety of services to individuals and whānau who were self-isolating at that time, many of whom had complex needs and required a variety of support.


Prime Minister Chris Hipkins signed the certificates recognising those agencies and community providers. The Government provided funding totalling $407.9 million for the Care in the Community Welfare Response.


“Our dedicated staff and volunteer mentors worked exceptionally hard during the pandemic, remaining resilient and flexible in an extraordinarily difficult environment to ensure all our clients’ mentoring needs were safely met by phone or virtual technology,” said NSBS Chief Executive Officer Drew Glucina.


“The lockdowns throughout the country only raised the need for our money management expertise. The growing demand for budgeting and debt solution services came at a time when delivering face-to-face support became more difficult, but NSBS was able to step up to the challenge, offering flexible delivery procedures to cope with the rise in need.”


Many Kiwis were left severely impacted by the pandemic facing lost income and livelihoods, financial uncertainty, elevated costs and unexpected expenses.


NSBS saw a significant rise in the number of new clients impacted by the crisis and in need of financial mentoring support post-lockdowns, from seniors to small business owners, and debt-free individuals looking to prioritise their lives and develop a better savings plan or leave a family legacy.


People came to NSBS actively looking for more support to better manage their money and reduce the burden of financial worries so they can live happier, more fulfilled lives.


While the lockdowns have ended and the pandemic has eased, the crisis will continue to reverberate on our economy for some time and we will feel the effect on our personal finances and livelihoods. Whatever NSBS can do to free New Zealanders from money worries to live their best life, we will do.


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