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NSBS is a not-for-profit organisation committed to providing confidential, non-judgemental, and personalised financial mentoring that empowers and enables New Zealanders and their whānau to become more financially capable. Our social impact value has a meaningful effect on Kiwis in improving their life outcomes and creating sustainable solutions for a secure financial future.

The NSBS non-profit organisation is committed to improving the financial capability of all New Zealanders and their whānau. Our broad multicultural team speak and understand a variety of languages including English, te reo Māori, Arabic, Mandarin, French, Croatian, Afrikaans, Hokkien, Hebrew, Hindi, Nepali, Cantonese and Twi.


All NSBS financial mentors are professionally trained and fully accredited by FinCap, the non-governmental national financial capability body. 


Ruth Smithers, the CEO of FinCap, credits NSBS as the valued leader of the financial capability industry in New Zealand. “Financial mentors have a wealth of expertise to support people facing financial stress and hardship. NSBS provides critical support for this community.”

NSBS is independent of any political ideology, economic interest or religion. We value integrity, professionalism, and respect in all our dealings with clients, colleagues, and the wider community.

Message from Chair Christine Watson

“The cost of living crisis and the rise in inflation and food costs has impacted budgets across the country, and many Kiwi families are enduring financial hardship and stress while struggling to manage debt. NSBS has seen an increased demand for our financial mentoring and money management services. Our vision is to support and provide financial wellbeing to all New Zealanders and deliver them a future of financial security and peace of mind.”

Our mission is to educate, inspire, and advocate for positive financial wellbeing for all.

Our Mission

Educate, inspire, and advocate for positive financial wellbeing for all.

Our Vision

A community supporting the financial wellbeing of its people.

Our Values

Respect and Responsibility / Maruwehi Takohanga

Trust and Integrity / Tiakatanga Ngākau Tapatahi

Educate and Empower / Mātauranga Whakamana


Our Team


Our Board


Incorporated Society

North Shore Budget Service (NSBS) is an Incorporated Society, governed by a Board. The organisation was formed and incorporated in 1992 and is affiliated to FinCap, the non- governmental financial mentoring national body. The governing body of the Board consists of elected members who have extensive community and business involvement and an understanding of, and commitment to, developing financial capability in the community.

Download the NSBS Annual Report 2023 here.

NZ Charities registration number: CC22992.

NZBN number: 9429042781868


Our Stakeholders and Funders

NSBS’s portfolio of funders is increasingly diversified and provides some resilience in the face of changing and evolving funding streams within the financial mentor sector. We thank our many financial supporters, whose confidence and trust in NSBS allow us to provide excellent financial mentoring services to the community.

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NZ Charities

Registration number: CC22992.


Number: 9429042781868.


3A Gibbons Road, Ground Floor,
Mary Thomas Centre, Takapuna
Auckland 0622, New Zealand



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At NSBS we understand that saving money and budgeting can be a challenge, that’s why we offer a variety of services to help you reach your financial goals without having to worry.

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      The Building Financial Capability (BFC) programme helps people and whānau to improve their financial wealth and wellbeing and get control

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      Grace Foundation

      Grace Foundation offers safe shelter and holistic rehabilitation services to marginalised people including the homeless, single parents, children without parents,

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      Te Puna Hauora

      Our successful strategic partnership with Te Puna Hauora has allowed NSBS to deliver one-on-one BFC financial mentoring services to clients

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      NSBS is one of the only financial mentoring organisations in the country that caters especially to seniors and retirees to

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      Library Programme

      Our partnership with Auckland Council Libraries, in collaboration with ASB Bank, will see the rollout of a pioneering programme offering

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      Māori and Pasifika

      NSBS continues to improve the outcomes of Māori and Pacific Island clients and whānau and meet their holistic financial mentoring

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      NSBS is committed to helping women attain financial independence and security for themselves and their families.Through our BFC programme and

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      NSBS is committed to fostering financial capability among school-leavers to provide money skills and knowledge for employment preparedness. NSBS financial

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