Strategic partnerships allow NSBS to secure ongoing sources of income and strengthen our work in the community to ensure longevity of our services. They align our brand in symbiotic relationships that are relevant, meaningful, and provide financial stability.


Our partnership with Te Puna Hauora has enabled NSBS to deliver financial mentoring services to clients of the Māori health provider. This expanded our brand presence and engagement further in the community, as well as offered financial literacy services and support to more people and whānau in need of financial mentoring.


Te Puna Hauora was established as a Māori Health provider to address health and wellbeing inequality issues within Māori, Pacific Islanders, immigrants, refugees and people with lower socio-economic status.


The organisation is committed to supporting people, children, young persons and their families, to make informed choices to regain their dignity (mana) and to provide medical and financial health by staff and partners, like NSBS, who care and commit their collective knowledge and skills to the kaupapa. The efforts of Te Puna Hauora services are underpinned in Nga Tika, Pono and Aroha.


Call a doctor. There’s a patient who needs financial resuscitation.


The Māori health provider Te Puna Hauora understands how vital it is to address all of your health needs. That’s why the organisation partnered with the major financial mentoring provider on the North Shore, NSBS, to provide financial mentoring as a health necessity.


During this cost of living crisis, many families and individuals are experiencing serious financial hardship. They’re struggling to make ends meet, to pay the bills, or to put food on the table for dinner. But who do they call? There’s no St John’s ambulance equivalent for a financial emergency. No defibrillator paddles to bring your bank account back to life following a money attack.


Financial stress and anxiety have a serious detrimental impact on your physical health and your mental wellbeing. Financial health cannot be ignored.


The mentors at NSBS provide fundamental financial literacy services to ensure that you are money fit and healthy, and that your financial medical history is set up for a safe, happy and fulfilling future.


We even have our own money doctor – Dr. Abid – who, sans stethoscope, will give you a full financial check-up to ensure you won’t ever need a financial resuscitation or flatline.