NSBS has developed an exciting new partnership with Auckland Council Libraries, in collaboration with ASB Bank, which will see the rollout of a pioneering programme offering free financial literacy workshops to senior citizens in libraries.


The programme will initially roll out at Takapuna Library, with its panoramic views over the Waitemata Harbour towards Rangitoto Island, and then throughout Auckland.


This innovative pilot will tackle a variety of important financial issues, such as:


The programme will also introduce NSBS’s BFC-Plus programme as a safety net alternative for seniors in which they can rely on our experts to totally manage their money for them. This service is particularly appealing to those seniors who want the peace of mind of knowing that NSBS will help to manage their finances and pay their day-to-day bills.



Shhhh! Don’t say it too loudly, but libraries are more than just happy places for books. They’re also increasingly a happy and inclusive place for seniors to get together, make friends, build relationships, and learn about money. Dewey belongs together, so to speak.


Providing financial confidence and resilience to seniors and retirees is part of NSBS’s strategy, as this key demographic is currently not being served by other financial providers.


Often victims of financial crime, seniors can feel overwhelmed and out-of-their-depth when it comes to dealing with money in a digital age. They want to know how to survive and cope with digital banking, but often they don’t know who to turn to, or what to ask.


NSBS financial mentors provide free workshops to seniors in the cosiness of libraries to ease peace of mind and teach everything they need to know about money management and digital baking – from implementing safety measures, to digital inclusion in a contactless banking world, debt, living on a pension, legacy planning, and lending to family and friends.


In fact, many seniors feel so overwhelmed, they’ve signed up to our BFC-Plus service, a total money management programme that takes all the anxiety away. Often this is not because they are vulnerable or incapacitated, but because they want a financial guardian and the ease of mind of knowing that NSBS will pay their bills and help make financial decisions.


NSBS provides freedom, comfort, relief, and safety, especially for those seniors who are struggling in today’s cashless world of digital banking.